It has been said that if a person goes on a diet, they are always hungry and in turn angry and upset. But sometimes our irascibility turns into depression. It may not necessarily be related to hunger, but rather to a change in your eating patterns.

When we start dieting, we often focus on shedding excess weight and completely forget that our bodies need a lot of trace elements to be healthy. We decided to find out why our eating patterns can cause depression.

Here are 5 signs that your diet is affecting your health and mood.

Signs Your Diet Is Actually Hurting You

Menstrual Problems

5 Sneaky Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health
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This sign indicates one of the most common problems when it comes to hormonal problems. These hormones are responsible for our metabolism, and if a hormonal imbalance occurs, it can lead to depression. If you think your thyroid is not working normally, see an endocrinologist.

In most cases, the reason for this is a lack of iodine in the body. But even if we eat a lot of products that contain iodine, that may not be enough. Therefore, it is recommended to take iodine supplements (do not forget to consult your doctor first).

Memory Problems

5 Sneaky Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health
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Omega-3 is a fatty acid that helps our brain function properly, focus, and remember important things. If your body suffers from an omega-3 deficiency, it begins to absorb more trans fats.

Scientists have shown that these fats can cause depression. If your depression is accompanied by memory problems, try getting more omega-3s. This acid is contained in:

  • fish
  • walnuts (especially walnuts)
  • oils (especially linseed oil)
  • sprouted wheat grains

Leg Cramps

5 Sneaky Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health
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You should pay attention to your diet if you start to experience recurring leg cramps. This may indicate that you need more magnesium, which helps activate the enzymes responsible for making serotonin (which is why you feel depressed).

In cases of low magnesium and depression, doctors often recommend magnesium-rich medications. In cases of small deviations, you can consume foods enriched with elements contained in:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • peas
  • pine nuts

Loss Of Appetite, Fatigue, Shortness Of Breath

5 Sneaky Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health
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Loss of appetite can really make a person happy who wants to lose weight. But it can also be accompanied by shortness of breath and fatigue, which is not a good thing. These symptoms indicate that your body suffers from iron deficiency anemia, which causes depression.

You can solve this problem by consuming supplements or foods rich in iron such as:

  • liver (beef or pork)
  • kidney (beef, lamb, veal, or pork)
  • octopus
  • soybeans

Bowel Disorders

5 Sneaky Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health
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If you eat an unhealthy diet, your gut will soon let you know. It is important to remember that the intestine is an organ where many important hormones are produced. For example, serotonin, a hormone of happiness, is produced in the small intestine.

If you feel depressed and have intestinal problems, try to control the amount of zinc you consume (it is also responsible for healthy digestion). Zinc is contained in:

  • wheat germs
  • cheese (especially ricotta, cheddar, mozzarella, and gouda)
  • meat (especially liver and beef)
  • seafood (especially oysters)

We want to remind you that depression is not the only possible side effect of an unhealthy diet. So if you notice any changes, see a doctor. Be sure to tell your doctor that you are on a diet.

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