There is no doubt that cleaning your home is an important thing to do. But even if you try to keep your surroundings in pristine condition, there are some nooks and crannies that many of us don’t always think about.

And it is that they must also be clean if you want to prevent bacteria from affecting your health. That is why we want to share with you the best tips to keep your home impeccable.

Reusable Bags

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These bags are great when it comes to shopping green. However, studies have shown that people rarely wash them. As they are often used to transport food, residue can be found on them. Bacteria can reproduce and stick to each new product you put on if any.

To keep them in optimal conditions, it is best to use one bag per type of product and wash them periodically with water and soap or detergent.

You can put them in the washing machine inside a protective bag or simply rub them with your hands under a running tap. Try to shake out the trash from time to time and use disposable meat bags.

Pot Lid Handles

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Most people wash lids like any other kitchen utensil. But the handles have little grooves where debris collects. This can lead to the reproduction of bacteria, which in turn can be harmful if they come into contact with hands or food.

To clean them well, simply unscrew them from time to time and submerge them in warm water with a little vinegar. This will completely eliminate the bacteria.


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These are other utensils that people tend to wash carelessly, but because they have small holes, they require different care.

The best way to clean them is to submerge them in a container with clean water and a little detergent for about 15 minutes so that the residue really comes out.

Then place them under the faucet and scrub them with a bristle brush. If you don’t have one, an old, previously sterilized toothbrush can come in handy.

Immersion Blenders

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You really have no idea how much weird stuff can accumulate on the back of your immersion blender’s blades. The best way to remove leftover food is to place the blender in a container containing warm soapy water or a little dishwashing detergent. It works like a thousand wonders.

The Top Of The Cabinets And The Fridge

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When cleaning the kitchen, people usually clean the cabinets superficially. And while it is good to clean the inside, it is important not to neglect the dirt that can accumulate on them. Otherwise, the dust and bacteria may fall directly into our food.

That’s why it’s best to set aside some time in your busy schedule to clean out the top of your fridge and pantry. Cleaning them with a damp cloth or a little water and a cleaner or degreaser can be extremely effective.

Keep in mind that grease particles tend to stick to these areas and make them even dirtier than expected.

Do you know of any other object or space in the home that most people don’t clean properly?

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