According to WebMD, our metabolism slows by about 5% every decade of our lives after reaching 40. This means that, on average, women need to cut 100 calories from their diet a day just to stay in the same shape.

However, there are other easier and even surprising ways to burn those calories, such as reducing the heat at home.

We have put together 5 efficient ways to stay thin or lose weight when you are over 40 years old. You will find that some of them have been there the whole time, and most of them are not that difficult and can even be fun.

How to Lose Weight When You’re Over 40

Do The Right Exercises

With slowed metabolism, it is important not only to do your 30 minutes of cardio a day but also to include 4-5 sessions of resistance training per week.

Exercises like clams, step-ups, sit-ups, bird dogs, and push-ups are great for maintaining healthy muscle mass and burning even more calories.

Walking at least 10,000 steps a day is also a great way to support your metabolism, stay fit, and lift your spirits.

Set Realistic Goals

No matter how attractive it may seem to lose half your weight in a week “with a magical diet/pill/slimming belt”, you will probably find that it is unrealistic. Furthermore, even if something like that happened to you, it would do a lot more harm than good to your body.

This is why you should try to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week to avoid the physical and emotional stress associated with losing weight too quickly.

This is a healthy and achievable goal that will also help you develop healthy lifestyle habits (like eating and exercising properly) and staying fit for the long term. Also, your body will not be harmed!

Get Your Vitamins

Our body has different needs for different periods of our life. For women over 40, it is essential to include calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, omega-3, and probiotics in your diet.

It shouldn’t be bad or unpleasant either, as potassium, for example, can be found in avocados, dried apricots, and of course bananas, and all of that, let’s face it, it tastes good!

Calcium can be extracted from almonds and yogurt, and you can get the necessary dose of vitamin D simply, well … tanning! It’s not such a horrible scenario! Whenever you wear sunscreen.

Stay On Schedule

Eating regularly, but often, should become a priority. Skipping meals disrupts your metabolism – your body gets the signal to start storing calories instead of burning them, and you get the opposite of what you expected.

And don’t forget that having a good breakfast is essential, as it makes your body move all day, while late-night snacks are bad for both your stomach and your weight.

Don’t Forget To Rest

Not only is “restful sleep” good for the skin, but it also helps the body to be healthier and leaner. Research shows that lack of sleep stimulates the brain to make wrong decisions (eating junk food, skipping workouts) and also interferes with the hormones of hunger and satiety, ghrelin and leptin, which means you can overeat and not even realizing it.

Put your phone and computer away before going to sleep and get as much sleep as you can!
Now you see that while losing weight in your 40s may seem like a challenge, there are plenty of not-so-difficult and very enjoyable ways to do it!

Share with us in the comments which weight loss methods work best for you!