Merriam-Webster defines cankle as a wide or thick ankle that appears indistinguishable from the calf. But while many of us think of ankles as an unattractive feature, in reality, ankles can also be a symptom of serious health problems.

We have put together some tips on how to deal with cankers caused by different reasons. Take a look at them and remember that each case requires a specific approach, so if you have any questions about your cankles, consult a professional.

Do More Leg Exercises

Why You Have Cankles and 5 Tips to Help You Deal Fix Them
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Cause: obesity.

Unfortunately, your body can easily accumulate excess fat in this area. If you have a few extra pounds, your cankles may be the result of an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Considering that cankles can be caused by much more serious reasons, losing stubborn leg fat is probably the most positive scenario with an easy result to achieve.

What to do: Adopt a new training plan and try to make it a habit. While there is no exercise routine that will help you shed fat exactly from the cankles, there are many effective exercises for legs and calves that you can try.

Try To Avoid Sodium

Why You Have Cankles and 5 Tips to Help You Deal Fix Them
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Cause: water retention.

Although our bodies need sodium to help our brains function and to maintain fluid balance and blood volume, we only need a certain amount.

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 mg per day and an optimal limit of no more than 1,500 mg per day for most adults.

However, on average, we consume around 3,300 mg of sodium a day. As a result, our bodies retain water because there is too much sodium in our system.

What to do: Avoiding salt isn’t the only thing you can do to maintain your recommended sodium level. Since we get a lot of processed foods like French fries, canned foods, sodas, etc., try to cut down on these foods as well. In addition, the reduction in sodium must be accompanied by a diet rich in potassium.

Legs Up!

Why You Have Cankles and 5 Tips to Help You Deal Fix Them
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Cause: pregnancy.

The reason for swollen ankles during pregnancy is that your body retains more fluid to meet your baby’s needs. But of all the possible reasons for having Legs Up!, this one is the most enjoyable one, isn’t it?

Yes, sometimes pregnancy makes your legs look like they’re borrowed from an elephant, but there’s no need to worry because these cankles are temporary, just like all the other pregnancy-related “side effects.”

What to do: Wait patiently for one of the happiest days of your life. In the meantime, you can cut down on the salt (but not the water) and also try lifting your swollen feet 8 to 10 inches above your heart for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day.

Wear Compression Stockings

Why You Have Cankles and 5 Tips to Help You Deal Fix Them
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Cause: vascular disease.

People who suffer from vascular disease or chronic venous disease often report that swelling is one of the most common symptoms.

What to do: To find out if you really have this disease, the first thing you should do is consult a professional. In addition to prescriptions, try wearing graduated compression stockings to help blood flow to the heart rather than to the feet. It can also help to raise your legs above your heart.

Drink Natural Diuretic Fluids

Why You Have Cankles and 5 Tips to Help You Deal Fix Them
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Cause: fluid retention.

At 70% water, your body takes maintaining the correct amount of fluid very seriously to ensure that all systems are working well. But there are many causes that upset your balance and your body tries to store water from the waist down.

These causes include kidney and heart problems, pregnancy, lack of physical activity, drug side effects, and more.

What to do: If your cannulas are cankles by water retention, you should see your doctor for the exact reason. Also, you can try these natural diuretic drinks to help your body get rid of excess fluid: dandelion tea, green tea, and parsley tea.

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