We all know that large amounts of sweets and cakes can cause obesity. And that’s not the only damaging effect our favorite products can have on our bodies. It turns out that some common foods that we treat as healthy can actually be harmful to our bodies.

Wee round up 11 popular products that you need to be careful with.


6 Everyday Products Hiding Unpleasant Surprises
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Shrimp are capable of accumulating heavy metals, which is why it is so important to know where these shrimp were caught. Of all the shellfish, shrimp is the cholesterol-containing champion.

If you consume them too often, they can cause an increase in blood cholesterol levels. It is recommended to consume shrimp with vegetables because they help our body to get rid of cholesterol and reduce the risk of problems.

Processed Cheese

6 Everyday Products Hiding Unpleasant Surprises
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It is not very healthy to eat cheese wrapped in plastic sheets. All the leaves are made with a large number of chemical additives that give the cheese its flavor and color.

So actually, you don’t eat cheese, you eat plastic. It is recommended to obtain a piece of cheese extracted from a slice that has not yet been previously cut.


6 Everyday Products Hiding Unpleasant Surprises
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Most of the potato chips you can buy in the supermarket have fewer potatoes and more additives than we think.

Some studies have shown that most potato chip bags contain less than 60% potatoes. But there is a lot of salt, additives, dyes, preservatives, etc.


6 Everyday Products Hiding Unpleasant Surprises
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Rice grows in flooded fields and is enriched with inorganic arsenic that is removed from the soil. Consuming rice regularly will increase your chances of developing diabetes, developmental disorders, nervous system diseases, and even lung and bladder cancer.

Scientists at Queen’s University in Belfast conducted various experiments with the preparation of rice and found a way to make it harmless. If you leave the rice in water overnight, the arsenic concentration will be reduced by 80%.


6 Everyday Products Hiding Unpleasant Surprises
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Supermarket yogurts contain preservatives, thickeners, flavors, and other “healthy” ingredients and don’t really look like classic yogurts made from milk with lactic acid bacteria.

The main dangers are the sugar and fat in milk. It is recommended to consume a maximum of 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. And 4 ounces (100g) of yogurt can hold 3 teaspoons! The side effects are as follows: obesity, risk of diabetes, and a weakened pancreas.

Medium-sized yogurts are quite fatty (starting at 2.5%) and increase cholesterol levels, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Natural yogurts are very good for our body and are easy to prepare. You will only need milk and dry yeast. You can also add fruit and honey to make your yogurt even more flavorful.

Hot dogs and processed meat

6 Everyday Products Hiding Unpleasant Surprises
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If the supermarket sausages you buy consist of 50% meat, you are the lucky one. As a general rule of thumb, it is only 10-15% meat.

Other ingredients include bone meal, cartilage, skin, vegetable and animal fats, starch, soy protein, and salt. And you will never know if this soy is genetically modified or not.

Thickeners, colorants, preservatives, and flavor enhancers are also commonly added. These supplements build up in our bodies, destroy our immune systems, cause allergies, and even cause serious illnesses like pancreatic cancer.

Hot dogs and sausages are bad for children – their digestive systems cannot process these complex chemical compounds.

Scientists at the University of Glasgow say that, according to surveys of 260,000 women, consuming trace amounts of processed meat can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Do you still like any of these products? What is your opinion on this issue?