According to statistics, we all spend around 1.5 years of our lives in the bathroom. And we spent about 6 months showering. There is nothing surprising in this fact because hygiene plays an important role in our lives.

But few people know that there are some things we do wrong in the shower. We collected 8 of the most common mistakes everyone makes when taking a shower.

Common Showering and Bathing Mistakes

Mistake № 1. We Don’t Take A Shower After A Workout:

8 Shower Mistakes That Can Adversely Effect Out Health
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Some people think that the only reason they should shower immediately after training is the smell. But in reality, there are other reasons: sweat stimulates the production of bacteria on the skin that can cause rashes.

Therefore, we recommend that you shower as soon as possible.

Mistake № 2. We Shave Our Legs Before Having A Pedicure Done:

8 Shower Mistakes That Can Adversely Effect Out Health
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Do not shave your legs before undergoing a pedicure. You can get an infection from small scratches on your feet.

Mistake № 3. We Don’t Take Contrast Showers:

Before you finish showering, turn on the cold water tap for 30 seconds. This will increase your resistance to stress, strengthen your immune system, and work as an antidepressant. But don’t forget that taking a contrast bath before bed can lead to insomnia.

Mistake № 4. We Take A Shower And Wash Our Hair Every Day:

8 Shower Mistakes That Can Adversely Effect Out Health
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People with thin or weak hair should avoid washing it every day. The best cadence to wash your hair is twice a week so that the hydration of your hair is balanced.

Also, don’t forget that bathing tends to irritate and dehydrate the skin, as the water kills beneficial bacteria. This can increase the chances of skin infection.

Mistake № 5. We Wrap Our Wet Hair In A Towel:

8 Shower Mistakes That Can Adversely Effect Out Health
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After getting wet, our hair is very vulnerable and easy to break. To avoid this, it is recommended not to wrap the hair with a towel after showering. Also, due to the heat, the sebaceous glands start to work more actively, which makes the hair look less clean and tidy.

Mistake № 6. We Forget About Cleaning The Shower Head:

If you have been using a shower for a long time, you may notice a plaque that can be dangerous to your health. Scientists have discovered that there may be bacteria in showers that can cause lung disease.

Mistake № 7. We Don’t Use The Soap Dish Correctly:

8 Shower Mistakes That Can Adversely Effect Out Health
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If you have a soap dish in the bathroom, make sure the water drains out. Otherwise, the bacteria can breed directly on the bar of soap.

Mistake № 8. We Leave Our Razor In The Shower:

To prevent bacteria from growing on a razor, let it dry on a towel. You should also change the blade regularly.

We hope this advice is helpful to you because there is nothing more valuable than health. Do you have any other tips that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below.