Poor posture is becoming the scourge of the early 21st century. A person who is constantly in a hunched-over position can cause serious spinal injury. Due to our constant use of smartphones and other wearable devices, many people can spend up to four hours a day in an unnatural and harmful position.

That is why we have decided to find out how to use your phone correctly without harming your health. The following advice is invaluable to all of us!

In these positions, significant loads are placed on the spine, affecting the lungs and other organs.

How To Use Your Phone Without Damaging Your Posture
How To Use Your Phone Without Damaging Your Posture

Research has shown that a person’s posture can influence their emotional outlook. A person suffering from clinical depression often takes a position that has been called iHunch.

In the past, it was predominantly the elderly who sought medical help for back problems, but now doctors are witnessing this particular problem “grow younger.”

IHunch main features: stretched neck, sunken shoulders, arms stretched towards the torso.

Assuming the correct posture at all times can lead to higher productivity at work and greater resistance to stress.

You should look at your device by lowering your eyes rather than bending your neck. It’s better to lift up the screen.

How To Use Your Phone Without Damaging Your Posture

Five Simple Things That Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Back Problems:

Periodically shake your head from side to side slowly, stretching your muscles.

Massage the shoulders, lateral neck muscles, and the area between the shoulder blades.

Stand in a doorway, stretch your arms, and bend your chest. This will help to relax muscles that are fixed in one position for a long time when using a smartphone.

If you use the phone for more than ten minutes, press your chin against your neck and squeeze your shoulder blades. Repeat this exercise several times, holding the position for ten seconds.

Whenever you use a smartphone, remember that correct posture can help you avoid many health problems in the future.

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