Many people are unaware of the amazing abilities of common house plants to improve the microclimate in their homes. Plants help create a cleaner atmosphere, stabilize air humidity, and provide oxygen.

These things are very important to a safe home for children and people with allergies. Here are five amazing plants that can help improve your home’s microclimate.

Plants That Absorb Excess Moisture From The Air


5 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home
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Sometimes called “women’s happiness”, there is a belief that this plant will bring happiness and love to your home.

Spathiphyllum not only absorbs excess moisture, normalizing the climate of your home but also destroys mold spores.

It will be healthier if the temperature stays around 18 ° C.


5 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home
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Out of 100 different types of plants, people generally choose to grow the Arab or Congolese coffee bush, which provides various types of Arabica and Robusta coffee.

They only bear fruit in the fifth or sixth year, so it is best to buy a fully grown one. These plants require good watering and also a certain degree of shade.

They are great for absorbing excess moisture and filling the air with a wonderful tropical scent when they flower.


5 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home

Myrtus is a symbol of peace and pleasure. In the past, people believed that this plant was sacred and that it could restore youth to the elderly and provide travelers with energy and good humor.

Today, we can say with certainty that it has a different set of qualities, but it is still beneficial. Not only does it restore a healthy microclimate in your home, but it also takes care of your health: the phytoncides emitted by the leaves and flowers of Myrtus help kill airborne microbes.

Laurus Nobilis

5 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home

Laurus was once loved by herbivorous dinosaurs that resisted predator attacks only weakly. Therefore, having chosen an easy prey, the predator deserved dinner with the seasoning already added.

People have long regarded Laurus as a symbol of glory, victory, and majesty. The plant is native to subtropics, so it loves humid air, shade, and a generous amount of hot water.

By absorbing moisture from the air, it helps create a normalized microclimate in the home. In addition, its leaves can be dried and used for cooking.

Citrus Limon

5 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home
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The lemon tree is a wonderful plant in all respects. When it blooms, it fills the air with a magnificent citrus scent and at the same time absorbs excess moisture.

Its leaves provide a large number of healing substances, sterilizing the space around it. The lemon tree loves to be bathed in the sun, watered regularly, and the soil dried.

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