Scientists have calculated that 70% of deaths are due to an unhealthy lifestyle. To get sick less often, you need to be informed about the latest innovations in medicine. Would you agree that knowing about the negative effects that your TV or smartphone can have on your health is extremely important?

Wecollected 5 scientific discoveries that anyone concerned about their health should know about.

Surprising Health Facts You Need to Know!

Fasting From Time To Time Is Good For The Immune System

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A study by scientists at the University of Southern California showed that fasting for 2 to 4 days helps refresh the immune system. During the experiment, the volunteers fasted for several consecutive days, every six months.

During the days of fasting, their body began to use its own stores of glucose, fat, and ketones and also began to destroy a large number of white blood cells. As a result, its loss contributed to the renewal of cells of the immune system.

Prolonged fasting also decreased the level of hormones related to aging and the appearance and progression of tumors, including cancer.

It is noteworthy that fasting is contraindicated in severe body weight deficiencies, malignant tumors, active tuberculosis, heart rhythm disturbances, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis, stomach ulcers, and liver cirrhosis.

Also, children and the elderly should abstain from prolonged fasting, as well as women during pregnancy and lactation.

Even The Slightest Exposure To Light During Sleep Might Lead To Depression

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Japanese scientists from Nara Medical University observed the sleep process of more than 860 older people who had no signs of depression at the beginning of the experiment. It was found that those who did not sleep in absolute darkness began to feel anxious and stressed.

Professor Kenji Obayashi suggested that even dim light can disrupt internal biological clocks and negatively affect the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which occurs in the dark. This can negatively affect the psyche and cause depression.

Scientists suggest hanging blackout curtains in the room and turning off all devices that have indicator lights. Don’t forget about the blinking indicators on your smartphone, they should also be off.

Cleaning Worsens A Woman’s Lung Condition

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Scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway analyzed data from more than 6,000 people who participated in respiratory health exams over 20 years in the European Union.

Analysis of these data showed that the lung status of women who worked as housekeepers or who regularly used cleaning products in the form of sprays and nebulizers worsened over time, unlike other women.

Furthermore, the decline in lung function in janitors during these 20 years of observation is so great that it can be compared to 20 years of smoking.

In addition, domestic workers often have asthma and this problem has not been identified among men. Scientists strongly recommend that everyone use fewer chemical cleaners.

Vaping Increases Your Chances Of Getting Pneumonia

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Scientists at the Queen Mary University of London experimented with rats and people to determine the effects of vaporization on the body. This experiment revealed that those who love vaping are much more likely to develop pneumonia.

The vapor from e-cigarettes helps bacteria that cause inflammation in the lungs adhere to the cells that line the respiratory tract.

Lead researcher Jonathan Grigg clarifies: “Pneumococcal bacteria can exist in our respiratory tract without causing disease. However, in some cases, such as vaporization, they easily penetrate cell walls and cause pneumonia.”

Optimists Are Much Less Prone To Heart Disease

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Scientists at the Duke Clinical Research Institute and Columbia University analyzed data from surveys that were completed by nearly 2,400 chronic angina patients and came to an interesting conclusion.

It turns out that patients who have an optimistic attitude towards life need hospital treatment 30-40% less frequently than those who have a pessimistic attitude.

Positive mood reduces the level of adrenaline and cortisol, the hormones of anxiety and stress. They are those that affect the increase in blood pressure, which in turn influences the development of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

By the way, according to surveys conducted by experts from the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, almost 30% of men and 20% of women sleep without clothes. The choice to sleep naked was made intuitively by them for reasons of personal preference and convenience.

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