It’s hard to deny that wedding dresses are beautiful. In fact, many of them can even be considered true works of art. There are many unforgettable wedding dresses from our favorite movies that have certainly inspired many brides to walk down the aisle looking like a Hollywood star.

We have compiled a list of the most iconic wedding dresses in movie history that you are sure to love. And if you’re not married yet, they can even inspire you when choosing the perfect dress for your special day!

Sarah Jessica Parker — Sex and the City

© Sex and the City / Warner Bros

Julia Roberts — Runaway Bride

© La Novia Fugitiva / Paramount Pictures

Jennifer Lopez — Monster-in-Law

© Si te Casas, te Mato / Warner Bros

Kate Hudson — Bride Wars

© Guerra de Novias / Regency Enterprises

Dakota Johnson — 50 Shades Darker

© 50 Sombras Más Oscuras / Universal Pictures

Nicole Kidman — Moulin Rouge!

© Mouline Rouge / Fox Movie

Katherine Heigl — 27 Dresses

© 27 Vestidos / Fox Movies

Blake Lively — The Age of Adaline

© El Secreto de Adaline / Shore Entertainment

Which of these dresses would you wear on your wedding day? Let us know in the comment section below!