We all want to be healthy and beautiful, which is why we try to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Daily exercise, morning runs, eliminating sugar and other carbohydrates from our diet, and many other tips surround us. We find them while browsing our social networks, in magazines, and while chatting with our friends. But are all these tips really useful?

We decided to find out what a healthy lifestyle is and highlighted some myths that can harm our bodies and health.

Health Myths You Hear Every Day

Myth #5: Labels Tell The Truth

5 Healthy Lifestyle Myths We Still Believe
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If you believe everything that is written on a label, you will be unpleasantly surprised. Manufacturers use many tricks to make their products look healthier.

The number of calories can be specified not per 100 g of a product, but per serving. In these cases, there are many more calories than you think. For example, if a serving of chocolate contains a certain amount of calories, it means that the entire bar will contain 2-3 times more calories.

Another popular trick is to rename the ingredients. For example, if a product contains a lot of sugar, the label might say that there are 3 ingredients: sugar, fructose, and evaporated beet juice.

Therefore, the amount of sugar is 15 g, not 45 g. But, in fact, they are 45 gr. If you want to follow a healthy diet, read the labels carefully and follow this rule: the fewer ingredients there are, the healthier your plate will be.

Myth #4: It’s Ok To Skip Your Dinner

5 Healthy Lifestyle Myths We Still Believe

Many people think that eating at night is bad. But modern studies show that if you consistently skip dinner, you can slow down your metabolism, lower your blood sugar, fatigue, and cause you to overeat for breakfast and lunch the next day.

We recommend eating something healthy and light for dinner: vegetables and protein would be an excellent option that will not harm your health or your body.

Myth #3: Everyday Workouts Are Ideal

5 Healthy Lifestyle Myths We Still Believe
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No, they are not. Only professional athletes, whose muscles are used to these workloads, exercise every day. If we overdo it and start going to the gym without taking breaks, it will damage our muscles because they will not have a chance to recover.

You can do yoga or some exercise in the morning every day; This can be very helpful. But when it comes to intense workouts, scientists recommend spending just 5 hours a week on them.

Myth #2: The More You Sweat, The Faster You Get Fit

5 Healthy Lifestyle Myths We Still Believe
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That’s why there are special thermal suits and saunas! In reality, the amount of sweating does not influence the effectiveness of your workout. For example, during an hour-long run, you will definitely sweat and burn around 270-300 calories.

During an hour-long strength workout, you won’t sweat as much, but you can burn up to 360 calories.

As for saunas, the amount of calories you can lose while sitting in a sauna is the same as if you were just sitting in your room. And that won’t help you get in shape.

Myth #1: Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

5 Healthy Lifestyle Myths We Still Believe
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Many people are convinced that it is impossible to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle without a large breakfast. But that’s not true. The most recent studies show that people who skip breakfast eat less during the day than those who eat in the morning.

On the other hand, there are those people who did not want to eat but forced themselves to eat breakfast. Either way, trust your instincts, if you wake up and still don’t have an appetite, don’t force yourself.

These days, it is very popular to be healthy and fit. But there are many tips that we should not only trust and that we must carefully review. Do you have any other health myths to share with us?

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