Everyone knows that sleeping late and overeating is not healthy. But sometimes even the most harmless habits can present a danger to our health. Did you know you could end up in the hospital if you stifle your sneeze?

Or that chewing gum makes you feel less concentrated? We compiled a list of habits that seem harmless, but actually pose a great danger to our health.

Common Bad Habits For Your Health

8. Sleeping On The Pillow Face Down

What suffers: your breathing, blood circulation, spinal cord, and facial skin.

It is comfortable, but harmful, to sleep with the pillow down. In this position, breathing is difficult, the neck is in an unnatural position, blood circulation worsens, and the vertebrae in the neck are in danger.

Also, doctors warn that wrinkles you may have after sleeping in this position will soon become constant, they will never go away!

7. Shelling Seeds With Your Teeth

8 Habits We Thought Were Good, But They’re Not
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What suffers: teeth and gallbladder.

Sunflower seeds are tasty and useful. But they should be shelled with the hands and never with the teeth. Dentists always recognize experienced seed eaters for very specific dental damage.

People who have gallbladder problems should not eat them, and their caloric value is more than 500 kcal in 100 grams.

6. Chewing On Something Solid

What suffers: teeth, gums, and mouth.

People who like to chew pens, pencils, paper clips, and other solid objects often have major enamel problems. This is also the reason why you should not open bottles, chew nuts, ice cubes, and lollipops. More than that, you can get an infection if you do.

5. Postponing Going To The Bathroom

8 Habits We Thought Were Good, But They’re Not
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What suffers: the kidneys, the urinary system, and the intestine.

In June 2018, a young player from Great Britain was hospitalized after spending 8 hours playing a game without taking any breaks. His intestines and bladder were so swollen that doctors thought he had a cancerous tumor.

All doctors agree: You should not keep it, as this could damage your muscles, which can lead to a urinary tract infection and constipation.

4. Touching Your Face And Rubbing Your Eyes

What suffers: the skin and the eyes.

If you touch your face frequently with your hands, you can get a complete catalog of different infections, such as acne, herpes, and more. If you rub your eyes, you can have conjunctivitis, a really nasty infectious disease that involves inflammation, watering, burning, and sensitivity to light.

3. Chewing Bubble Gum Often

8 Habits We Thought Were Good, But They’re Not
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What suffers: stomach, teeth, and short-term memory.

There are several consequences of chewing gum very frequently. The chewing process stimulates the production of gastric juice. So don’t chew gum before eating. This can cause gastritis and even ulcers.

Chewing gum is also harmful to teeth. As saliva production increases, it can be fed directly through teeth and dental fillings.

Chewing gum also affects memory. It improves memorization and helps you focus on tasks that require long observation. But it impairs short-term memory, leaving you less focused.

2. Reading While Lying In Bed

8 Habits We Thought Were Good, But They’re Not
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What suffers: the eyes, the spinal cord, and the skin of the neck.

When reading in bed, follow these rules:

  • Don’t keep the book too close to your eyes.
  • Don’t bend your back and don’t stretch your neck.
  • Don’t read lying on your side: the distance to the book is constantly changing and your eyes will have to work harder.
  • Do not read on your stomach, it can damage your spinal cord in this way.

As you can see, it can be quite difficult to follow all these rules. But remember, most of these types of positions can lead to the development of deep horizontal wrinkles in the neck.

1. Using A Cotton Swab For Nose Hygiene

Although many experts do not recommend putting anything on the nose, there are some cases when it is better to use a cotton swab than to use a finger or solution.

If you have had a rhinoplasty, cleaning mucus from your nose is only possible with a cotton swab, because blowing your nose can cause bleeding or worse, some damage that will require your surgeon to do all the work again.

When you need to wash your nose with a solution, you don’t want it to be too deep. In that case, simply dip a cotton swab into the solution and cover the inside of your nostrils with it.

Caution: Sticking a cotton swab too far up your nose can cause injury; therefore, whenever possible, leave this job to a professional.

What harmful habits are you trying to combat? Tell us in the comment section below.