Many of us dream of having a slim figure, but after countless attempts to lose those unwanted pounds, we fail. If you are one of the unlucky ones who cannot reach your goal weight, chances are you are doing something wrong.

Did you know that lack of sleep can increase your daily intake by up to 385 calories? Or that your perfectionism may be preventing you from losing weight? Read on as these facts and more are explained.

We have put together a list of 5 things that can get in the way when you’re trying to lose weight. Be sure to read and take notes!

You Think Going On A Diet Will Help You Lose Weight

5 Everyday Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Oops! We know it sounds strange and disappointing, but it’s true. Diets are basically temporary measures you take to lose a few unwanted pounds, and the keyword here is “temporary.”

Experts claim that an abrupt reduction in calorie intake slows down your metabolism and your body thinks you are starving. Also, the pounds you lose while dieting will likely return in 1 to 5 years.

What you need to do is change your lifestyle. Don’t consider it a diet; it will make changes that you will live with for the rest of your life. WebMD offers several simple steps to help you on your journey to a healthier person: don’t skip breakfast, change places, and choose the right restaurants.

You don’t even have to do all the changes at once, take some time to get used to one of them and then move on!

You’re Into Dressings And Sauces

5 Everyday Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

It may seem obvious, but sauces and gravies also have calories. We are not talking about mayonnaise and olive oil here. Even a healthy dressing like hummus contains about 177 calories / 100 g (3.5 oz). You may not realize it, but dipping vegetables in a sauce, even a healthy one, can ruin your diet.

Fortunately, there is an easy way out: add these calories to your nutrition diary. This means that when making a sauce, be sure to calculate your calories at the designated intake and write them down. Easy!

You Divide Foods Into “Allowed” And “Prohibited” Categories

5 Everyday Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

It is obvious that if you want to lose weight you must try a healthy diet. But we all still have cravings, and almost everyone who has ever been on a diet knows the overwhelming temptation to eat that extra piece of chocolate and the guilt you feel when you give in.

“Having an ice cream cone will not make you gain weight and it certainly does not mean that you have failed or that you are a bad person,” says nutrition expert Abby Langer.

If you punish yourself every time you eat the “wrong” thing, you risk starting to eat in response to your failure and regain the full weight.

Don’t completely exclude these burgers and slices of cake from your diet. If you want, eat. Remember to do everything in moderation.

You’re Afraid Of Getting Hungry

Most of us consider hunger to be our enemy, but it is actually the healthiest thing in the world. No, we are not talking about the hunger you would have if you did not have access to food for weeks.

We’re talking about the feeling you have (or at least should have) when your body consumes all the calories you have eaten for its own purposes and asks you for some more.

According to holistic nutrition consultant Mary Vance, starving has several health benefits: It increases growth hormone, stimulates cell renewal, improves digestion, and promotes blood sugar regulation.

When you’re hungry, your body produces ghrelin, a hormone that works its magic only until you kill the hunger. It encourages the learning of memory and can even help you fight depression.

To make matters worse, hunger can further increase the pleasure you get from eating. So high that even a bowl of soup will taste as good as a juicy burger.

You Stick To Juices And Smoothies

We all know that smoothies and natural juices are healthy, especially if you prepare them yourself at home. But if you are trying to lose weight, they can ruin all your plans.

Studies show that liquid products provide less satiety than solid foods. This means that orange will satisfy your hunger for longer than a glass of juice. Also, it won’t provide the fiber you need, as most of it remains in your glass as pulp and peel.

As for smoothies, a cup of healthy smoothies contains 150 to 300 calories. Considering that in half an hour you will feel hungry, this type of drink may be too much for a normal snack. Again, if you like, be sure to include these calories in your journal.

Do you already follow any of these tips? Maybe you have something to add or a personal story to share? Feel free to post in the comments! Oh, and good luck shedding those extra pounds!