The pancreas is an important part of our digestive system. Not only does it regulate and neutralize the acidic foods that our stomach receives, the enzymes secreted by the pancreas also help in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

A healthy pancreas means a regulated sugar intake and a better digestive system in the body. We’ve put together a list of foods your pancreas is sure to thank you for.



Turmeric is often referred to as a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps decrease pain caused by the burning sensation in the pancreas. It also stimulates the production of insulin in the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes.



You may have heard people recommend eating garlic and honey on an empty stomach. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and combining it with different types of food multiplies its effect.

Garlic can be used together with honey, onion, fenugreek, etc. These combinations are known to boost your immunity by repairing the tissues of various internal organs, including the pancreas.



Enriched with B vitamins and iron, spinach meets the basic needs of the pancreas. Iron helps prevent inflammation and vitamin B nourishes the pancreas. Combine spinach and onion to make a salad, or sauté spinach and garlic to please your pancreas.

Spinach is loaded with a cancer-fighting agent called MGDG (monogalactosyldiacylglycerol), which can reduce the chances of pancreatic cancer.



Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and kale are known for their properties that fight cancer cells in the pancreas, keeping the organ fit and disease-free.

These vegetables provide easily absorbable nutrients loaded with flavonoids, which help strengthen our body’s detoxification mechanism.

Red Grapes


Red grapes contain resveratrol, a phenolic substance that is also considered a powerful antioxidant. It helps to reduce the inflammation of the pancreas and also destroys the cancer cells of the pancreas.

Experts advise taking a serving of red grapes once a day in its rawest form. People also choose to consume red wine for the same benefits. However, eating it raw is much more beneficial than at any other stage.

Sweet Potato

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Do you believe in the theory that if the food looks like an organ in our body, it helps to nourish that particular organ? Like nuts for the brain, celery for the bones, and tomatoes for the heart, the sweet potato’s resemblance to the shape and color of the pancreas is incredible.

That said, sweet potatoes reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 50%. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels by gradually releasing sugar into the bloodstream.

Tips To Keep Your Pancreas Healthy:

People with pancreas problems or pancreatitis should only get about 30-40% of their calories from fat and only from natural sources.

Avoid alcohol, any type of processed food, and refined carbohydrates, as carbohydrates work against the insulin secreted by the pancreas.

Drinking plenty of water is the key to preventing any disease related to the pancreas, such as pancreatitis, as it causes dehydration in our body.

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