You can significantly improve your health without changing what you eat. While, of course, what you eat is important, when you eat is arguably just as important. See how you can use this idea to transform your health and adjust your eating habits.

Our bodies are not made to eat when the sun goes down, nor are they made to eat frequently throughout the day. Eating this way is eating out of alignment with our circadian rhythms and can have huge consequences for our health.

Simply by changing when you eat, without changing anything else, you can make a significant difference in your health.

Our circadian rhythms, the internal clocks of our bodies, are present in essentially every cell in the body. This means that each cell in your body is programmed to do different things depending on the time of day.

And the cells involved in digestion and metabolism aren’t equipped to handle food when the sun goes down.

What To Do

“Your body needs fuel during the day. You need to fast after dark. – Dr Suhas Kshirsagar

Eat all your food during the day.

This will be more difficult for everyone in the northern hemisphere as much shorter daylight hours approach. However, try to keep this up as much as possible during this time. For anyone looking to enhance their weight loss efforts, this can be very beneficial:

“Most of your body’s fat burning occurs 6-8 hours after finishing your last meal and increases almost exponentially after a full 12 hours of fasting, making any fasting period after 12 hours very beneficial for weight loss. – Dr. Satchin Panda


Also, try to eat around the same time every day. This means that your body can reliably predict when it will receive food and respond accordingly.