There are many training plans and programs. Some promise that we will lose weight without doing almost anything, while others seem more like military preparation. But what should we do when we just want to feel a little better after a hard day? Apparently, we have to raise our hands!

We found 5 reasons why this simple exercise can improve our health.

Overhead Arm Stretch for Back and Neck Pain

Opening Tight Shoulders

5 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend You Should Lift Your Arms Overhead More Often

This is for those of us who spend a lot of time hunched over a desk looking at a computer. When we sit like this for a long time, our muscles are misused and, as a result, we are left with limited movement and stiffness.

First – straigFirst of all — straighten out. Second of all — stretch. Make fists, raise your hands from your hips above your head, bring them together, inhale, lower your arms, and repeat. This will help release tension in your shoulders and neck.

Improving Poor Posture And Opening The Chest

Most health problems arise due to bad habits, and guess what? Slouching is one of them! We think it is the most comfortable way to sit, but it is a shame for us. We could all use it to correct our posture. Raising your arms above your head is a good start.

Just raise your arms and place them as perpendicular to the floor as you can. Repeat every 20 minutes and try to get your spine in the same position you lowered your arms. You’ll feel healthier in no time!

Strengthening Weak Shoulders And Arms

5 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend You Should Lift Your Arms Overhead More Often

One of the first postures that you will discover in yoga class is called Urdhva Hastasana. It is literally translated as “raised hands pose”. It is not difficult to do, but it helps to strengthen the shoulders and arms.

Make sure to take your time with this pose. Find a good position, place your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your arms above your head, stay that way for a while, and then start leaning back and forth.

When you feel the tension in your shoulders, lower your hands and relax. Then move on to the next pose with your hands above your head. It can be either the Warrior or Utkatasana.

Preventing Lower Back Pain

5 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend You Should Lift Your Arms Overhead More Often

The reason for low back pain is most often hidden in changes in the structure of the spine. Due to age or sedentary lifestyle, the vertebrae become more fragile and less mobile. The intervertebral discs (which supposedly act as a cushion between the vertebrae) dry out.

As a result, the nerves, which are rooted in the spinal cord (there are 31 pairs) and are responsible for moving and sending signals from the body to the brain, can be sandwiched between the vertebrae.

Raising your hands and stretching them can also help prevent low back pain.

Improving Balance

5 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend You Should Lift Your Arms Overhead More Often
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Balance is something we need to walk, bend over without falling, sit in a chair, and more. Poor balance can be attributed to weak muscles or damage to the balance organ in the inner ear, nerves, heart, or blood vessels. There are many organs involved, so if you experience permanent dizziness, see a doctor.

But if you are clumsier than your friends and it bothers you, just put your arms up. Do simple exercises every day with your arms raised.

Do you exercise regularly, including lifting your arms? Does it make you feel better? Share with us in the comments below!