There are numerous training programs, but one of the most effective sets is  “5 Pearls of Tibet.” This ancient method will not only activate all your muscles but will also help to normalize the activity of your body.

We have already tried these exercises and now we are sure that they are really simple and won’t take much time.

How to do the 5 Tibetan Rites


5 Tibetan Exercises to Work All Your Muscles in 10 Minutes

Lie on your back with your arms extended on the floor and exhale.

Inhale slowly and at the same time raise your head and legs. Try to keep your shoulders and hips in place and don’t bend your knees. Then return to the starting position while exhaling slowly.


5 Tibetan Exercises to Work All Your Muscles in 10 Minutes

Get on your knees with your legs parallel and your knees at hip level. Place your arms at your sides with the palms of your hands on the back of your hips. Tilt your head forward, touching your chest with your chin. Exhale.

Breathe in deeply and slowly, tilting your head back and leaning down. Try to push your chest forward as far as you can, resting your hands lightly on your hips. Return to the starting position as you exhale.


5 Tibetan Exercises to Work All Your Muscles in 10 Minutes

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs and back. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your palms on the ground, so your toes are parallel to your body. Exhale and lean your head against your chest.

Inhale, throw your head back as hard as you can and lift your torso. You should be in a horizontal position, standing on your outstretched arms with your legs bent at a right angle.

Try tensing all the muscles for a few seconds and hold that position. Then return to the sitting position as you exhale.


5 Tibetan Exercises to Work All Your Muscles in 10 Minutes

Lie down and lean forward with your hands and feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Don’t touch the ground with your knees. Tilt your head back and breathe out.

Now inhale, lift your hips and form an angle with your body, pressing your chin against your chest.

Try to keep your legs straight and your back and arms in a straight line. Exhale and return to the starting position. Inhaling is the same as in the rest of the exercises, but you will have to learn to inhale by bending your body and exhaling by straightening yourself.

You can also add tension to the muscles for a few seconds when reaching the first and second positions.


5 Tibetan Exercises to Work All Your Muscles in 10 Minutes
  • Stand up and stretch your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Keep them like this all the time.
  • Start turning clockwise until you feel a little dizzy. At first, it will take 3-6 laps at a time.

General Rules

Regularity is the most important aspect. Do it all once a day. For maximum effect, increase the number of sets according to the following schedule:

  • Week 1 – repeat each exercise 3 times;
  • Week 2 – 5 sets;
  • Week 3 – 7 sets;
  • Increase up to week 10 with 21 sets.

If you miss a day, it is better to go back to the program from the previous week.

The best time is in the morning before noon on an empty stomach. Don’t be overwhelmed. If it’s too difficult, decrease the number of sets and get used to it.

Watch your breathing: breath evenly through your nose. When doing many sets, take breaks between exercises: stand up, place your hands on your hips, and take several deep breaths.

After doing all the sets, let yourself rest, lie down, and relax.