Now that winter is really over, it’s time to throw all your warm things in the closet and decide what your spring outfit will look like! This season requires a vibrant and attractive image, which is best achieved by playing fearlessly with colors, textures, and shapes. In other words, make your own little fashion revolution!

We made a virtual pilgrimage to some of the hottest fashion events in the world and now we’re ready to introduce you to this year’s ideal spring look in all its exciting aspects.

Tender Cashmere 

Cashmere jackets never go out of style. As for this spring season, you can’t help but have one on hand, along with an assortment of sexy hats, leggings, and boots or semi-rough flats.

In the opinion of leading fashion designers, pastel colors are the way to go – they will add lightness and originality to your image.

Blue, pink and turquoise jackets are surefire options to make you irresistible.

A Modern Classic: Overcoat, Jeans/trousers, Boat Shoes/low Shoes


New Hippie Look

Grunge & Punk

Chiffon And Silk

Preview photo credit MashaZDashutkaKNinelly