According to the results of studies by scientists from the main US universities. In the US, only 1 in 5 people managed to lose the extra weight that was at least 10% of their body mass.

One of the reasons that make weight loss such a difficult task is the plateau effect. This is a phenomenon in which the weight stops decreasing despite all efforts.

Obviously, when there is no progress, people are disappointed and tend to stop leading a healthy lifestyle. However, it is possible to fight the plateau effect.

We found scientifically proven ways to reduce weight, even if you’re at the plateau stage.

How Can I Lose Weight When I Can’t Control My Diet?

1. Do Weight Training

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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Weight training is less effective in losing weight than cardiovascular exercises, but they help maintain the level of metabolism that is important when eating a long-term diet. Weight training speeds up metabolism and does not allow the body to switch to low energy mode.

But don’t forget to eat some protein after a workout: your muscles will get stronger and you will have no more fat.

2. Change The Caloric Value During The Week

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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When we are on a diet, our intelligent bodies adapt to small amounts of food, reducing energy consumption. In other words, the body adapts to the new conditions of life, keeping the extra kilos, if there is no food. And when you start eating fewer calories, the body understands that your decision was correct.

To trick the body, you can use caloric cycles. 2 days a week, you should eat around 1,000 or 1,200 kcal, almost carbohydrate-free, and the rest of the day 1,500 kcal. This trick will not slow down your metabolism and create the necessary caloric deficit.

3. Tell The Difference Between A Real And Imaginary Plateau

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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During the first few days of the diet, additional fluids leave our bodies, which makes the number on the scale drop quickly. But to lose just 1 pound, you must have a 3,500 calorie deficit. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but progress won’t be quick.

Many people think that losing weight slowly is a plateau, so they lose interest and drop the diet. Be patient and don’t step on the scale more than once a week: that way, progress will seem bigger.

4. Eat More Protein And Vegetables

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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Low carbohydrate diets are believed to be the best weight loss strategy. Protein and fiber make us full and increase metabolism. Carbohydrates increase the insulin level, making us feel hungry. So if you are trying to lose weight, it is better to eat a piece of low-fat meat than sweet fruit.

5. Change The Exercises You Do

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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Thousands of years of fighting for survival have taught our bodies one simple thing: Resources must be saved in any way possible. After a while, the human body adapts to the exercises you do. So after several weeks of similar exercises, progress will definitely slow down.

There is only one solution: once every 1-1.5 months, you need to change your exercise program. There are many different options: switch from yoga to pilates, do new exercises, train new muscles you didn’t have before, and change the weights you use.

6. Eat Tasty Food

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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The ability to resist the urge to eat depends on correct brain function. However, if a person has not eaten anything tasty for a long time, their brain begins to say that a piece of chocolate or cookie will give them much more joy than these foods really can.

That is why nutrition experts recommend including small portions of “prohibited” foods. If you let yourself relax from time to time, you will be less likely to lose control at some point and interrupt your diet.

7. Recalculate The Caloric Value Of The Foods You Eat

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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The amount of calories needed to lose weight depends not only on physical activity but also on body mass. If an obese person eats only 2,000 kcal a day, they will lose weight, and if a small woman does the same, she will gain weight.

Don’t forget to recalculate the caloric value of your food for every 10 pounds you lose.

8. Maintain A Strict Sleep Schedule

8 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore
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As scientists found out, it is impossible to sleep poorly and lose weight in a healthy way. There are many reasons for this, but in summary: if you don’t get enough sleep, your body is stressed. Stress causes hunger and a change in metabolism. So make sure you get enough sleep, no matter what.

Have you ever had the plateau effect when you tried to lose weight? How did you deal with that? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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