Delicious food, marriage, and weight gain go hand in hand for most couples. A recent study from the University of Glasgow showed that newlyweds averaged between 4 and 5 pounds each during their first year of marriage, while people living together gain weight even faster by 31 pounds a 41 pounds gained in the first 3 months.

While weight gain is not always bad for everyone, it is considered harmful as we age. This is because our metabolism slows down and we are more prone to various diseases that accompany weight gain.

The benefits of weight loss are great, but it can sometimes be difficult to get your loved one to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Help your partner understand the importance and benefits of weight loss and start this journey together! We’ve created 5 ways to help you get your loved one back in shape.

Look At Diets Together

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

It is always a good idea to research diets frequently, not only to lose weight but also to gain weight. Just to see what is there, what healthy foods you can eat to gain and lose weight, or what important nutrients are in various food combinations.

It is very easy for someone to follow a specific diet plan instead of starting a diet based on their own “research”. There are so many diets that are designed for different purposes. It is extremely important to review and research a few before making a final decision.

Choose something that is reasonable, without too many restrictions, and that you can easily follow for long periods of time.

Low-carb diets have become very popular recently. They generally focus on eating protein, healthy fats, and a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Some recent studies of low-carb diets show that they are the most effective diets for weight loss and show the fastest initial results.

Low-calorie, small portion diets are also very popular. They mainly focus on daily servings and calorie counting. These diets take longer to show results in the human body compared to low carbohydrate diets; however, they are much more balanced and easy to follow in the long run.

Fill Your House With The Healthiest Foods

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Focus on filling your shopping cart with healthy foods instead of buying cookies, chips, sugary snacks, and general junk food. Slowly start replacing these foods with colorful, healthy fruits and vegetables where they will be visible.

For example, on the kitchen table instead of in the kitchen corner. This will motivate you and your partner to eat fruits and vegetables that are right in front of you, rather than eating unhealthy snacks.

When there is no junk food or treats around you, you and your partner are more likely to avoid them altogether and unconsciously choose healthier snacks.

Replace unhealthy snacks with sliced ​​raw veggies, hard-boiled eggs, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese sticks, hummus, walnuts, and peanut butter.

Replace sweetened or energy-boosting drinks with non-calorie moisturizing liquids like water, flavored water, iced tea, decaf iced coffee, etc.

Pack Your Partner’s Lunch

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Making your own lunch at work gives you more control over your calories than going to your local restaurant. The famous brown paper bag can help you keep track of your loved one’s calorie intake and portion sizes.

You can make sure the ingredients are healthy and the food is fresh. Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, snacking will always be the best option. Try to pack a lunch for yourself and your partner every day.

Instead of rushing in the morning, pack it the night before to make sure you don’t cheat on the diet. Buy some Tupperware lunch boxes or containers that will keep your lunch at the right temperature throughout the day.

Prepare Healthy Well-balanced Meals

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Eating a well-balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the proper proportions and consuming the correct amount of food to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

A healthy diet means that you should always include your 5 daily foods, starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, and rice, dairy or dairy alternatives, beans, seeds, fish, eggs for protein, choose unsaturated oils and pasta, and remember to make sure to always drink a lot of water.

Include lean protein in all of your partner’s meals. This will help you feel full longer and you can control your hunger throughout the day. Lean protein should include eggs, lean meat, seafood, tofu, and vegetables.

Add a generous amount of fruits and vegetables to each meal. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight, promote a healthy gut, and provide antioxidants. Both vegetables and fruits are low in calories and have many essential nutrients for the body.

Choose whole grains when preparing a meal. Whole grains contain more protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients that promote healthy weight loss. Also, try to choose noodles and whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain oats.

Spend Time Cooking Together

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Whenever you have time, set aside a few nights in your weekly schedule for you and your partner to cook together. This will help you bond as a couple and will also help your loved one become interested in healthy foods and healthy food combinations.

Cooking with your loved ones will familiarize them with cooking, teach them how to mix various ingredients, and learn the health benefits of a homemade meal.

If your partner is changing their diet, then you should change your diet, as well. Eating what your partner eats will make them feel supported and motivate them to stick with the diet.

Have you or your loved one ever tried to lose weight? What methods have you tried and which has been most effective for you? We would like to know your opinion and experience with weight loss. And feel free to share any tips you may have in the comment section below to help each other out!

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