The whiteness and health of your teeth depend not only on basic care but also on the foods you eat. You can go to the dentist every now and then and use popular whitening products, but if you love certain foods, that less than perfect smile will reappear.

You need to pay attention to the foods you eat and how they affect the health of your teeth. We have compiled a compilation of different foods that have a positive or negative influence on the appearance of your teeth.

Foods That Save Teeth And Gums

What Foods We Need to Eat to Keep Our Teeth Healthy and White
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To take good care of your teeth, dentists recommend eating the following foods:

Carrots: Carotene is good for the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums. It also strengthens the enamel of the teeth. Fresh carrots are a great way to keep your teeth healthy as they remove plaque and massage your gums.

Fish: Everyone knows that teeth need calcium, but phosphorus is also one of the most important elements for maintaining healthy teeth (but remember that fish can cause an unpleasant odor).

Parsley: This is one of the main sources of calcium and, in addition, parsley has a cosmetic effect on the teeth (which we will talk about later in this article).

Apples: Apples are incredibly effective in treating and preventing dental problems. They massage the gums well and remove plaque while refreshing the breath.

Kiwi: This fruit has a lot of vitamin C. If you don’t have vitamin C, collagen production slows down and your gums begin to bleed.

Onion: This is a natural antibiotic that kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Chicory: Its function is to stimulate blood flow in the mouth.

Sesame: It removes plaque very well and makes the enamel more resistant.

Cheese: Hard cheese has very little salt and a lot of calcium. Cheese helps maintain the correct pH balance that does not allow bacteria to reproduce (some types of cheese can cause an unpleasant odor).

Green Tea: The catechin in green tea kills the types of bacteria that cause cavities. Also, green tea makes your breath very fresh.

Tasty food is great, but dentists are sure to frequent snacking can damage teeth. If you are constantly chewing something, it feeds the bacteria in your mouth. A good thing is to rinse your mouth, even after a little snack.

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