We know that you enjoy learning new techniques to protect your health, and it is even better if they help you lose weight. Today we present something new: “Retro-running,”, a discipline that is gaining more and more followers in the world.

What is this about?

Nothing more than running backward. This is a very effective and intense training method. It reduces the risk of back and leg injuries and helps to obtain a stronger and more balanced lower body.

Why is losing weight so good?

Because it is a complete cardiovascular exercise, it not only burns many calories but also becomes a complete exercise as you exercise more muscle groups, especially the quadriceps.

Just to give you an idea, 100 steps back equals 1,000 steps to walk conventionally, and one lap on a track backward is the equivalent of six turns forward. Get the calorie burn you want, saving your valuable time! It looks great, right?

Here are the benefits of running backward:

Tone your legs and muscles

Retro-running strengthens your muscles without putting too much pressure on your knees. It also helps develop the muscles opposite your regular running muscle group, including shins, calves, and quads.

It prevents injuries and rehabilitates the knees.

When you run forward, you continuously repeat the same action, which can lead to dangerous imbalance and chronic knee problems. Running backward reduces the aggressive impact on the knees and improves the balance between the opposing muscle groups. Not only can you increase your performance, but you can also reduce your risk of injury.

Develop peripheral vision and balance.

Running helps increase peripheral vision and balance, since you cannot see what is in front of you and develop other senses, such as hearing.

It’s good for your brain

Changing your exercise routine and moving your muscles in opposite directions makes your brain think and react differently.

Improve your posture

When you run backward, you naturally keep your back straight while moving. Running backlit also helps relieve lower back pain caused by the slouched posture when running forward.

Strengthen your abs

Straight back and strong abs: everything works hand in hand. When you run in a straighter posture, your abdominal muscles do the job.

General recommendations

If you are going to try a retro-running, it is recommended to start on a track or circuit that you know well. The lane lines will guide you.

If you are thinking of running on the asphalt, the best is a circuit with visual orientation on the ground (road surface markings).

If you are not too excited about the strange appearance or you do not have the opportunity to run outside, you can do it on the treadmill.

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