One of the main secrets of female attractiveness is the way in which women properly emphasize her body and her silhouette. It is not always easy to dress tastefully and stylishly without losing your individuality, especially if your body type is not taken into account.

We believe that this definitive guide will help you create your own beautiful and perfectly balanced look.

How To Choose Clothes To Bring Out The Best Features Of Your Body Shape

Let’s Determine Your Body Shape

Triangle Body Shape:

Your chest is rather narrow, and your waistline is well defined. Your bust is smaller in comparison to your bottom. You have narrow or sloping shoulders and generous hips and thighs.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

Your shoulders are noticeably \ wider than your hips, and your fr bust is of medium or large size. You have narrow hips and little to no waist definition.

Apple Body Shape:

You have long thin legs and arms and a bigger bust. Your waistline lacks or has no definition, and you have a rather wide back and shoulders.

How To Dress A Triangle-shaped Body

Aim: To visually emphasize and widen the shoulders and accentuate your waistline.

Catchy and brightly colored blouses/tops with different prints. The lengths of your tops and jackets are either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom.

Types of necklines: strapless (tube) neckline, V-neck, sweetheart neckline, square neckline, boat neckline.

Big accessories to emphasize the top, such as massive necklaces and scarves.

  • Wide belts.
  • Empire-waist dresses.
  • Coats and jackets should be fitted with a length that is just above or just below the knee.


  • Straight cut dresses.
  • Dark-colored clothes.
  • Tops that are too tight.

How To Dress An Apple-shaped Body

Aim: To visually elongate and make the silhouette thinner.

Light-colored clothes with vertical slimming lines.

Tops (blouses, shirts, cardigans) with a V-neck. The perfect length is just below your hip bone. The slimmest point of the tops should be just underneath your bust.

Tailored jackets and trapeze coats l I that fall below the waist to mid-thigh.

Dresses: A-line dresses with high waistlines made from light and flowing fabrics.


  • Items that are too tight.
  • Items with massive bright prints or excessive embellishments.
  • Clingy jersey knits.
  • Massive accessories.
  • Wide belts.

How To Dress An Inverted Triangle-shaped Body

Aim: To visually make the top part of your body smaller.

  • Dark-colored clothes.
  • Shirts/blouses/cardigans should be fitted with V- or U-neckline and a length that is just below the hip bone.
  • Wide belts.
  • Straight cut coats that are gently tapered towards the hemline.
  • Straight cut jackets that are fitted and fall just below your hip bone.
  • Dresses: simple straight lines such as Greek-style dresses and those with a basque waist.


  • Tops with massive embellishments.
  • Tops with thin shoulder straps.
  • Shirts and blouses with short and puffed sleeves.