We all know how important it is to control our health, but few of us like to go to the doctor. We found an easy way to get a medical check-up without leaving your home.

An easy way to check your health in a minute

One Simple Way to Check Your Health in One Minute

Take a regular spoon and scrape the entire surface of your tongue, moistening it liberally with saliva.

Put the spoon in a clear plastic bag and place it in a bright light: the sun or a table lamp.
Wait 1 minute and check the spoon.

A clean spoon without stains or unpleasant odors means that you have no problems with the health of your internal organs.

If there is an odor:

  • Rotten, strong – problems with the lungs or stomach;
  • Sweet, it could be diabetes;
  • Ammonia: kidney problems.

If there are stains:

  • White or yellow with a thick coating: dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • Purple: bronchitis, poor blood circulation, high cholesterol level;
  • White: respiratory infection;
  • Orange: kidney disease.

Remember that this method is informational only and does not replace a medical consultation.

Based on materials from positivemed