Do you remember that your first baby tooth falling out? For some of us, it was scary and painful, while others received a nice gift from the Tooth Fairy. Some parents keep their children’s teeth afterward. While preserving your children’s teeth may seem strange, we’ve found a reason why it might be worth doing.

We have many stories about the loss of baby teeth. Today, we would like to introduce you to a scientific reason why your children’s teeth might be worth preserving.

Why Should You Save Your Kid’s Teeth?

Keeping Teeth For Dental Cells

Check Why Doctors Are Urging Parents To Keep Their Kid’s Baby Teeth
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There can be many reasons why a parent should not throw out a child’s fallen tooth. However, one reason to keep it is related to the future health of the young person.

Scientists recommend preserving teeth and then extracting dental stem cells from them. Later, these cells can even save the person’s life.

What Are Dental Cells And How Can We Preserve Them?

Check Why Doctors Are Urging Parents To Keep Their Kid’s Baby Teeth
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We all consist of small elemental parts called cells. Our bodies are built with them as a house is built with bricks. Cells are divided into 3 different groups and each of them performs a separate function. Stem cells are young cells that will later develop into one of these groups.

The blood cells grow and develop in a spongy part of the bone called the bone marrow. Stem cells can be taken from both teeth and other parts of the bone.

Remember that teeth must be stored properly to be useful. Doctors and scientists use various types of technology to preserve and then produce stem cells.

How They Can Help

Check Why Doctors Are Urging Parents To Keep Their Kid’s Baby Teeth
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Stem cells can reproduce any other type of cell in your body. Therefore, they can replace the damaged ones. Research shows that stem cells can help fight cancer.

Studies are also underway to discover the potential of stem cells in treating other diseases, e.g. heart infraction.

Please note that some studies may be unsuccessful and you must be sure that the doctors at the clinic are true professionals. If you have been prescribed stem cell therapy, check with the International Society for Stem Cell Research to learn more about the possible risks.

They also provide a list of questions to ask your doctor before starting treatment.

Boost Your Child’s Creativity With Their Own Teeth

Check Why Doctors Are Urging Parents To Keep Their Kid’s Baby Teeth
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You can save your child’s teeth to use in science projects. Every genius of the future needs something to start with! Experiment along with the influence that coffee, sugar, or Coke has on the color and density of your teeth.

If you don’t want to keep the tooth, you can just throw it away or bury it in your garden.

Do you still have your baby teeth? What do you do with your children’s teeth? Share your experience in the comments!

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