Like anything, it’s probably better to heal your body naturally rather than using external things. Pore ​​strips can remove blackheads, but they will likely leave your pores exposed to dirt and bacteria. That’s why choosing the right foods and fixing this problem internally and in a healthy way may be the way to go.

We’ve put together a list of foods that can help you say goodbye to blackheads, based on medical research.

Eat a handful of almonds.

Almonds are high in vitamin E, which can naturally prevent harmful things from affecting your skin, such as pollution and bacteria. If you’re worried that almonds contain too much fat, there’s no need: they have healthy fats that can even aid weight loss.

Fats can make acne worse, but foods like almonds can’t unless they come in direct contact with the skin on the outside. Raw cashews are not safe to eat because they contain a toxic substance that can irritate the skin.

Cut out dairy from your diet.

Most people, especially children, like to have cereal with milk for breakfast, but it can have a more damaging effect on your skin than you think. Cows produce milk for their own young to help them grow.

Proteins found in cow’s milk release insulin, and this is known to cause skin rashes like blackheads. Milk proteins can even get mixed up and confused with our body’s natural hormones, which again can cause breakouts.

Eat more foods that include omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation and help fight acne. You can simply eat omega-3 foods on your own or combine them with other healthy foods.

They can also help against red, dry, itchy skin in babies. These foods include salmon, oysters, sardines, caviar, chia seeds, soybeans, etc.

Take borage oil.

Although borage oil contains an omega-6 fatty acid (which should be avoided to remove blackheads), it does not cause skin inflammation, it is actually anti-inflammatory. Helps break down protein plugs and helps reduce oxidation.

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