So you’ve decided to get your dream body and spend every spare minute in the gym for faster results. But don’t rush, exercising too much can be even more damaging to your body and your health than exercising too little.

This article will help you understand the symptoms of overexertion so that your enthusiasm for achieving the body of your dreams does not lead to negative side effects.

Signs You’re Working Out Too Hard

Your Performance Levels Decrease

Not every day is the same, so if you’re underperforming, that could be normal. But if not being able to meet your stated goals becomes the norm, you are probably reaching your limit.

If you exercise too much, you will also feel exhausted and lose stamina. In this case, you will feel the grip strength weaken and you will feel more pain in the joints. Your stability can also be affected.

You Feel Sore For Longer Than Usual

6 Signs Your Intense Workout Actually Harms You

It’s natural to feel sore if you have just started exercising or if you switch to a different exercise style. But if it’s habitual and you haven’t changed your training style, but you’re experiencing unusual pain that lasts longer than usual, you’re probably overtraining.

This sensation can be very similar to what you felt when you started lifting weights.

You Lose The Motivation To Exercise

If, after going to the gym with enthusiasm every day, you suddenly seem to have lost motivation, it is a warning sign that you may have tried too hard.

Eventually, this lack of motivation can even lead to depression. And in that case, it will be extremely difficult for you to understand why you are feeling depressed.

You Feel Sick All The Time

6 Signs Your Intense Workout Actually Harms You

If you train regularly and lead a healthy life, but get sick regularly, it may be because you are overtraining. Cold or fever can also be other reasons.

However, if this happens regularly and some of the other signs of over-exercising are also visible, you’d better take a look at your training regimen.

You Lose Muscles

If you are overtraining, your body will not get the rest it needs to recover and then rebuild stronger muscles. As a result, there is more muscle destruction than muscle development.

This leads to loss of muscle mass and, in extreme cases, injury. In some cases, it can also cause a bloated appearance due to excessive water retention.

You Get Chronic Injuries

6 Signs Your Intense Workout Actually Harms You

These are injuries that keep reoccurring or don’t go away. This is because when you exercise too much, without giving your body time to recover, more muscles are left unhealed than can actually be developed.

However, injuries can also occur due to pattern overload, which means that you are repeating the same exercise for a long time without making any changes.

Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms? Let us know in the comments.

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