If we ask people about their most harmful habits, they are likely to mention smoking, alcohol abuse, junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle. They are right about that, but there are also some everyday things that can affect our health.

If you have a hard time concentrating and you always forget something, try to remember how often you drink coffee while traveling.

We have discovered 6 daily habits that seem harmless but can have a negative influence on your body.

Drinking From A Can

6 Things It’s Recommended We Quit Doing to Visit Doctors Less Often
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Many people like to drink canned drinks. But imagine what happens to that can before you buy it: there are millions of bacteria on the can lid. The germs can cause sores on the lips and indigestion. Experts recommend pouring your canned beverage into a mug or using a straw.

Putting A Bag On A Chair Or A Bed

6 Things It’s Recommended We Quit Doing to Visit Doctors Less Often
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When the women come home, they put their bags on the chair or on the bed. Then they change their clothes, wash their hands and sit in the same place where their bags were.

This carelessness can lead to injuries and other unpleasant things. Leather bags are the most dangerous: their spongy texture provides the perfect conditions for bacterial growth.

Wearing A Tie Everyday

6 Things It’s Recommended We Quit Doing to Visit Doctors Less Often
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American researchers say that a tight loop compresses the jugular vein, increasing pressure on the eyeball. This can lead to glaucoma and blindness.

It has also been found that men do not pay enough attention to washing their ties, which means they may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Drinking Coffee From Plastic Cups

6 Things It’s Recommended We Quit Doing to Visit Doctors Less Often
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Today, you can buy tasty coffee almost anywhere. But the point is that the amount of dangerous bisphenol A that enters our coffee from plastic cups depends more on the temperature of the liquid: the higher the temperature inside the coffee cup, the more bisphenol A you will drink.

This chemical agent affects cell growth, concentration, energy level, and reproductive functions.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop drinking coffee to have healthy kids, just buy a bisphenol A free travel mug.

Choosing A Salad Instead Of A Burger

6 Things It’s Recommended We Quit Doing to Visit Doctors Less Often
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There are so many different salads and some of them can be really unhealthy and contain harmful ingredients like heavy sauces, potatoes, and pickled vegetables.

So if you’re trying to decide between a salad (which looks like the salad on the left) and a chicken burger, we recommend that you go for the burger. Good hamburgers contain fresh vegetables and relatively healthy meat.

To avoid consulting a nutritionist, exclude salads that contain these three ingredients: cheese, meat, and creamy sauces.

Doing Household Chores On Your Own

American doctors have found that our daily cleaning routine can cause hypertension. The point is that we worry about all the things that need to be done, we get angry because our family does not help us, and we get angry because we have to take care of everything ourselves.

Before you go to a pharmacy to buy pills to deal with this, try to understand how much effort and time you spend on housework and make a pact to share all the responsibilities with your family.

Are there other harmful habits that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments.

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