Most of us want to be slim and fit, but the countless diets we try are excruciating and their effect wears off very quickly when we return to our normal diet. Also, with the rhythm of our life and all our work, studies, and multitasking, we can hardly think of exercises.

But don’t despair! We did a little research and found tips that will help you lose a few pounds effortlessly, without dieting, and without exercise. Read and remember.

Don’t Forget To Drink

You know that water is life and sometimes you drink it. But you probably never thought about how it can be helpful for your metabolism if you drink it on time.

It is better to drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 minutes before each meal. That way, your metabolic processes will have a fresh start and your stomach will be partially full, helping you eat less.

This hydration regimen will also lessen your cravings for sweets and prevent your refrigerator from being stolen.

Pay Attention To Your Food

Do a little food ritual. It really won’t take much of your time. Sit at the table, do not rush, do not try to multitask, do not think about problems, do not watch TV, and do not talk on the phone.

It’s just you and your food. Be aware of what you eat and how you eat it. This will help you taste your food more clearly and eat much less. Eat as slowly as possible.

Use A Smaller Plate And Chopsticks

To avoid thinking too much about portion size, grab a smaller plate and eat only as much food as it can hold.

By using chopsticks, you eat more slowly and this will help you feel satisfied with less food. If you have a problem with chopsticks, use only a small spoon or your non-dominant hand.

Sleep More

We are not kidding. Now you have the perfect excuse to stay in bed longer, as it is part of your diet. If you sleep, you don’t eat.

Also, a good night’s sleep has a great impact on good metabolism and correct hormone levels that help you stay in shape.

And you’re not really doing anything while you sleep because your body burns 50-100 calories per hour.

Sleep In The Cold

All you need to do here is turn off the thermostat or open the window. A survey from the National Institutes of Health says that sleeping at 19 ° C (66 ° F) helps the body shed calories by burning fat to maintain temperature.

Add Some Fat Burners

You don’t have to give up your usual food. Just diversify your menu with salmon, eggs, walnuts, olive oil, pepper, and green tea.

They will help boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently. And even citrus or mint scents can reduce your appetite, so don’t neglect them.

If you know of any other lazy weight loss hacks that have helped you, please share them with us in the comments. We will all appreciate it very much!