We adore fashion, and it’s impossible to tear us away from experiments with our appearances. For those who want to look a little taller, we have compiled tips from professional stylists that will certainly help you.

Maxi Skirts With Crop Tops

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A perfect look to go out. Long skirts and short tops go well together, creating a sleek and elegant silhouette. It is worth remembering that it is better to be attentive when choosing the fabric for this look.

Light and heavy fabrics will look great for both casual and evening wear, but a slim shirt can be your enemy.

Vertical Stripes

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A vertical stripe can be a boon for those who want to look taller – it stretches the entire silhouette and visually adds a few inches of height. The stripes can be of various colors and thicknesses.

Remember that this print has its own rules of use: no more than 2 to 3 colors in a garment. And yes, stripes look amazing on a thick, heavy fabric for business attire.

Neutral Shoe Color

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Sure, high heels are the most obvious decision for anyone looking to look taller, but heels can come in different styles and effects.

Chunky, heavy, brightly colored shoes will draw attention to your lower body, while a pair of elegant pastel heels can elongate your legs and visually increase your height.

Remember that for fall it is better to opt for high or cut ankle boots because medium ankle boots will make you look shorter visually.


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Don’t be afraid to wear overalls! They are suitable for everyone, whether they are slim or curvy. The jumpsuits visually unite and lengthen the silhouette.

Remember that the right jumpsuits should draw attention to your waist, but it is best to avoid emphasizing your hips.


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Miniskirts may look like they have a silhouette, but if you choose them well, they can work like magic. Remember that if you want to look taller, say “no” to tight skirts and choose a circular skirt.

High-waisted miniskirts can also add a few inches to your height, regardless of whether you wear them with high heels or sneakers.

Pants And Shoes In One Color

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When wearing pants or pantyhose, it is best to choose the same color for your shoes. Remember that shiny pantyhose visually divides the silhouette into two parts, while matte pantyhose and pants lengthen it and make you taller.

Dark shoes go well with black pantyhose, and colorful shoes will look great with matching pants.

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