We are often told that eating after 6 pm is bad for your health and that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But what about some of the other popular food-related myths?

We examined some of the most widely held beliefs about healthy and unhealthy foods and found that most of them have nothing to do with reality.

Wooden Cutting Boards Accumulate Bacteria:

This isn’t true. Just remember to thoroughly disinfect your boards, and don’t believe the adverts that speak of an antibacterial coating.

Source: Plastic and Wooden Cutting Boards

Saltwater Boils Faster:

Chemistry proves the opposite: no matter how much salt you add, this doesn’t change the boiling point of water.

Source: LiveScience

Eggs Increase Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol levels are affected by saturated fats and trans fats. An egg contains about 0.05 oz of fat and no trans fats whatsoever. On the other hand, eggs contain unique antioxidants that help preserve eyesight.

Source: American Society for Clinical Nutrition

Aluminum Cookware Produces Toxins That Cause Alzheimer’s Disease:

Scientists have proved that all the aluminum is processed by the kidneys. Therefore, it can’t provoke Alzheimer’s.

Source: Alzheimer Society

Energy Drinks Give You Energy:

Sugar gives a short-term burst of energy, while caffeine prevents drowsiness. However, these ingredients don’t give you any extra energy — just obesity and insomnia.

Source: Tufts Journal

Fried Food Causes Heart Attacks:

Scientists couldn’t find any connection between heart, disease and fried food.

Source: The Telegraph

Removing The Skin From Chicken Helps To Cut The Calories:

Not true. When baking or frying a chicken, you should leave the skin on — this will make the meat more juicy.

Source: Reader’s Digest

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells:

Studies have shown that heavy drinkers have the same number of brain cells as non-drinkers.

Source: Topend Sports

Based on materials from kitchenmag