Many of us want to lose weight. There are so many inspiring examples all around us that it is obvious that being overweight is not only unhealthy, it is also unpopular.

We have decided to talk about a rule that will help you lose weight.

The Rule Of Energy Balance

Healthy eating and moderate physical activity are well-known ways to get in shape, if you don’t have health issues that can get in the way. However, these activities will not work if you do not follow the rule of energy balance.

It has been shown that it is easier for a body to maintain existing weight than to lose excess weight. The energy balance rule helps not only to lose weight but also to prevent obesity.

There Is Only One Thing That Influences Your Weight

The rule of energy balance is the following: we must consume exactly the amount of calories that we expend daily. In that case, it is impossible to gain weight.

When we consume more calories than we expend, our weight increases slightly.

If we consume fewer calories than we expend, we will lose weight. That is the key to success.

Calories Count

To find out the number of calories we expend per day, we have prepared the following approximate calculations:

  • 8 hours of sleep per night: 260-300 calories
  • 8 hours of office work – 480-500 calories
  • To work and return by public transport: 28 calories in 30 minutes
  • 1-hour workout at the gym – 230-350 calories
  • Other expenditure (stress, energy spent digesting food, etc.) – 570-800 calories
  • If you are a man, add about 200-400 calories, depending on your daily activity.

Keep in mind that your expenses can be changed in this list because it depends a lot on your weight and the intensity of physical activity. To find out your actual daily energy expenditure, use a calculator.

John Cisna Lost 28 Kg Eating Only Fast Food

There Is Only One Thing That Influences Your Weight
© John Cisna

There is only one thing that influences your weight

John Cisna is a teacher from Iowa. He only ate McDonald’s for half a year. As a result, he lost 28 kg.

John also followed the same rule: he used more calories than he consumed. He also tried to maintain a daily carbohydrate, protein, and fat standard and walked for at least 45 minutes every day.

The energy balance rule really works. However, you need to remember about physical activity. Helps keep muscles in good shape. In that case, your slim body will also look good and firm.

Preview photo credit John Cisna