Sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of preconceptions about healthy eating, but we often deprive ourselves of many things because of them. That’s why we put together some of the most popular healthy diet claims so we can debunk┬áthem.

Myths About Healthy Eating

Myth #1. Eating After 6 Pm Is Bad For Your Health

This superstition is as old as the hills. With our pace of life, eating after 6 in the afternoon is not only healthy, it is common sense.

Today, many people go to bed later than our ancestors, and starving can harm their health.

The truth is that you should not eat three hours before going to bed and dinner should be light.

Myth #2. Fat Is Harmful

Fat is often considered bad for health and fitness, but it’s not exactly true. You cannot digest food normally without it.

It helps metabolize vitamins A and E, and if there is not enough fat in the body, it almost stops producing hormones.

Lack of fat also results in faster skin aging and liver damage. This is why you should limit your consumption of vegetable oil, for example, but not completely exclude it.

The best idea would be to eat fewer foods that contain hidden fats and are generally unhealthy, such as hot dogs, mayonnaise, cookies, or cakes.

Myth #3. Carbohydrates Should Be Avoided

There are simple and complex carbohydrates, and the former is really due for cutting. You can find them in sugar, chocolate, honey, jams, fruits, and sweet drinks, white bread, and potatoes.

However, if you want a healthy diet, eat more complex carbohydrates, such as grains, beans, berries, greens, and greens.

Myth #4. Separating Nutrients Helps You Lose Weight

The enzymes produced by the digestive tract are capable of handling proteins, fats, and carbohydrates at the same time.

There is no scientific evidence that separating them helps in any way. People who choose this diet are usually very meticulous when it comes to choosing food; reduce energy consumption and, in turn, lose weight.

Myth #5. Brown Bread Is Healthier Than White Bread

If the bread is brown, it doesn’t necessarily have a lot of fiber. The “healthy” brown color may be due to the caramel in the dough.

The energy contained in whole wheat bread is almost the same as in white bread, and you can gain weight in both cases. The healthiest types are whole grain or crispbreads.

Myth #6. Sushi And Rolls Are Diet Food

If you only eat sushi and rolls, you probably won’t gain much weight. However, the white rice used to make these foods is not the healthiest product.

The real culprits are soy sauce, mayonnaise, and fatty cheeses, products that will make you gain weight quickly.