Healthy hair never goes out of style, but there can be hundreds of factors, including stress, that stop it from growing. Sometimes we decide to buy expensive products to solve the problem, but Indian experts suggest simple but effective ways without spending a lot of money.

We hope you always find time to take care of yourself and we suggest some Indian tips that can help you strengthen your hair.

Finish With A Cold Rinse


Using hot water in the shower dissolves fatty lipids that damage skin and hair. Coldwater is much better for your hair than hot water because when you wash your hair with hot water, you remove the nourishing oils.

Warm water is only good for the washing phase, say Indian hairdressers. The coldest water is for the conditioning phase. Finish with a cool rinse to lock in moisture.

Have A 4-minute Scalp Massage Every Day


Ayurvedic recommends a hot oil head massage to increase hair strength and growth. However, experts add that 4 minutes of scalp massage per day for 24 weeks showed a positive result.
If you practice head massages on your own, continue to do them consistently.

Use The Right Oil For Your Scalp


Dryness and dandruff are different problems and each scalp needs individual treatment. So if the skin on your head is irritated, it’s best to avoid products that can further dry it out. Here’s what you need for different types:

  • for a dry, itchy scalp use aloe
  • for an oily scalp use lemon and neem
  • for an irritated scalp, use rose and sandalwood combined in light clay
  • to cool the scalp use henna mixed with nutrient-rich oils

Use Fragrant Floral Additions Mixed With Cold Water


We already mentioned that using cold water to rinse your hair is much better than warm water, but Indians also recommend adding flower ingredients that can soothe irritated skin, including the scalp, and leave behind a pleasant scent:

  • rose petals
  • jasmine buds
  • honeysuckle
  • hibiscus

You can make a tincture with the florals in hot water, then leave it to sit and cool down.

Avoid Blow-drying Your Hair After The Treatment


Indians also recommend not drying your hair after any treatment as it prevents maximum benefits. Just let your hair dry naturally.

Also, for a better result, wash your hair before applying the mask.

What tips do you have for detoxifying hair? How often do you do hair treatments at home?

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