Modern life affects our posture when we spend hours sitting and neglecting the position of our spine. Poor posture leads to an imbalance in our muscles, which means that they cannot support the body properly.

Fortunately, this can be fixed with a series of effective exercises. Additionally, they can help reduce back pain, stop headaches, increase energy, and improve circulation and digestion.

We are ready to help our readers achieve a beautiful and healthy body, and found 11 simple exercises that anyone can do at home.

Rounded Shoulders Exercises to Correct Your Posture

UUpper Trapezius Stretch

5 Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders and Sculpt Beautiful Posture

It is best to start with the shoulders to relax the upper muscles. An upper trapezius stretch is perfect for this.

Starting position: For this exercise, you can stand or sit on the yoga mat as you like. Keep your head straight.

What to do:

Slowly move your right ear to your right shoulder. When you do this, it is normal for your left shoulder to lift as well. If this happens, return your head to the starting position and try to relax your left shoulder.

Place your right hand on your head and place it on your left cheekbone. Don’t push your head down with it, it should just stay there. This will stretch the upper trapezius muscles very gently.

Breathe calmly and sit in this position for 30 seconds. Slowly withdraw your hand, return to the starting position, and repeat on the other side.


5 Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders and Sculpt Beautiful Posture

The Superman exercise engages the upper and lower back. It helps fight back pain and prevents the spine from bending.

Starting position: Lie face down on the yoga mat.

What to do:

Extend your arms and legs. Keep your neck neutral. Keep your torso still and lift your arms and legs toward the ceiling. Try to form a “U” with your body.

Hold the position for 5 seconds, lower your arms and legs and return to the starting position.
Repeat 10 times.


5 Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders and Sculpt Beautiful Posture

The bridge works the glutes and strengthens the lower back, which is important for good posture.

Starting position: Lie on the yoga mat, bend your knees, and spread your feet at the hips. Place your arms at your sides.

What to do:

Wrap your buttocks and lift them up, creating a straight line with your body. Your shoulders should be on the ground.

Hold this position for 10 seconds and slowly lower your body to the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times. Rest for 30 seconds every 5 reps.

Reverse Shoulder Stretch

5 Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders and Sculpt Beautiful Posture

This is an effective exercise to stretch your back and shoulder muscles and remove tension and pain from them.

Starting position: Stand on a yoga mat, feet wider than shoulders, place your hands behind you and bring your palms together.

What to do:

Bring your shoulder blades together and begin raising your arms. Try to feel the tension in the muscles of the spine and shoulders.

To further stretch your spine, lean forward and raise your clenched hands. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.

Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.

Foam Roller Exercise For Upper Back

5 Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders and Sculpt Beautiful Posture

A foam roller will help ease back muscle pain, correct rounded shoulders, and improve your overall posture.

Starting position: Take a yoga mat and place it with your hips apart and your feet on the floor. Position the foam roller just below your upper back in the shoulder blade area.

What to do:

Bring your hands behind your head, this will support it. Bring your hips into a bridge position and balance by supporting your body with your legs.

Inhale, push your body from your heels, and roll onto your spine. Stop when the roller reaches the top of your shoulder blades.

Exhale and roll back until the roller reaches the bottom of your rib cage. Repeat this for 30-45 seconds.

Exercise can be effective, but it’s also important that you pay attention to your posture throughout the day and work hard to keep your spine straight.

Do you have good posture? Maybe you have some exercises that will help you relieve back and shoulder pain? Let’s share the comments!