Not everything that we are used to considering as a healthy morning habit is. We consider it important that you know a few things about breakfast.

Your breakfast is what gives you energy for the whole day. If it is really healthy, of course. Skipping breakfast is a serious mistake, as it can cause various illnesses.

Just make sure what you eat is good for you. Our investigation of popular myths will help you.

Granola Is Incredibly Healthy, Right?

6 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

Certainly. In theory. However, the prepared granola contains sugar and saturated fat, which are not what you would expect from it.

Still, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily make granola at home. Just mix in cereals, nuts, coconut flakes, cinnamon, and honey and bake until golden brown.

Fat Free Is Better

6 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

This is a myth. Low-fat dairy products make up for the lack of fat with additives to retain the flavor and flavor of whole products. Also, low-fat dairy products negatively affect metabolic processes.

Choose foods high in fat and low in sugar; Not only will they not harm your body, but they will also keep you fuller for longer.

Neglecting Proteins

6 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

If you are still hungry after breakfast, it is best to include some protein-rich foods in your morning meal. Eggs, for example, can be cooked in many different ways.

If eggs aren’t for you, go for whole-grain carbohydrates, as they’ll fill you up better for longer. Adding some Greek yogurt won’t hurt either – it’s also a source of protein.

Egg Whites Instead Of Whole Eggs

6 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

A very typical case: the egg white is low in fat and therefore low in calories, while all the healthy things are contained in the yolks, such as iron, vitamin B, and vitamin D.

However, the fat of the yolk gave rise to the myth which affects blood cholesterol levels, which does not occur according to recent studies. Feel free to have a full omelet for breakfast.

Orange Juice

6 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

A glass of orange juice looks very healthy until you figure out how many oranges it takes to prepare it. Juices are usually full of sugar, so it’s best to eat real fruit. This will give you an increase in vitamins and fiber.

You can also try making the juice yourself. Green apples, carrots, celery, and ginger are a good combination.

Breakfast Bar

6 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

Most breakfast bars are full of sugar and saturated fat, although they do not contain protein. If you don’t have time to prepare your breakfast, think about it the night before.

Making a nut and berry cereal won’t take long, and your body will thank you in the morning.

Based on materials from BYRDIE