Keeping your smile young and fresh doesn’t necessarily mean using expensive face scrubs or wrinkle creams. This often suggests that you must actively change the way the muscle groups in your face move.

Anti-aging facial exercises or face yoga have been shown to help you look and feel younger. We’d like to bring you 5 simple yet effective anti-aging exercises you can do to achieve a firmer, more toned face.

Face Massage

5 Anti-Aging Exercises You Can Do at Home

You may want to massage your face if you cannot see a professional. Facial massage will help improve your facial features as it is all about improving the blood supply and toning the muscles in your face.

5 Anti-Aging Exercises You Can Do at Home

With your fingertips, smooth the forehead from the bottom up. You can also massage your scalp by moving your fingers in a circular motion. Then move toward the cheeks and pat toward the temples.

Usually it would take around 20 massages 2-3 times a week for you to notice the difference in your facial features. Wash your hands and face before the procedure.

Contrast Massage

5 Anti-Aging Exercises You Can Do at Home

Sometimes a contrast massage is what can magically transform and lift your face. It is also very helpful in getting rid of a double chin. To perform this type of massage you need a towel, water, and, most importantly, the desire to look young and fresh air.

Fold the towel in half and soak it in cold water with a little salt. Then grab it by the ends and pat it on the chin with the towel. Perform the patting 10 times, then do the exact same thing again, but with a towel soaked in warm water.


5 Anti-Aging Exercises You Can Do at Home

To strengthen facial muscles that have weakened a bit, which is usually followed by the appearance of wrinkles, you can recite the alphabet. For example, simple sounds like X and O can make a difference.

By pronouncing them for just a few minutes a day, you begin to tone your facial muscles to life, which is essential to your anti-aging routine.

Temple Rising

5 Anti-Aging Exercises You Can Do at Home

This exercise helps to move many facial muscles, but the most important are the muscles of the temple because as they weaken, the entire upper part of the face begins to sag. Yoshiko Mamada invented this technique through some breathing exercises.

Stand in front of the mirror. Place your right hand on the left temple area so that your fingers surround the outer corner of the eye and the outer edge of the eyebrow. Press lightly and pull the skin up. The head should not tilt forward.

Stay in this position and begin to slowly tilt your head to the right, gently stretching your neck. The shoulders remain relaxed.

Holding this position, begin to pull your tongue towards your head. At the same time, exhale and play the “ha” sound. Inhale through your nose. Staying in this position, breathe 4-5 times, continuing to pull your tongue out.

Put your tongue back in your mouth, relax your muscles, and return to the starting position. Repeat the same manipulations on the opposite side of the head.

Face Gymnastics

5 Anti-Aging Exercises You Can Do at Home

As we mentioned before, facial yoga is the key to a younger face. Try the following exercise 3 times a week.

Lower your eyelids, close your eyes, and stay in this position for 10 seconds, then place your hands on your forehead, press lightly and try to move your eyeballs clockwise. This exercise can help you remove wrinkles around your eyes and nose.

Then try puffing out the cheeks. Inhale and keep the air in your mouth. Start rolling from cheek to cheek and repeat for 10 seconds. By doing this, you can eliminate wrinkles around your mouth and sagging cheeks.

If you have any other suggestions for anti-aging techniques that you can do at home, please mention them in the comments below.