We all want to have a healthy smile and we do our best to make sure that: we go to the dentist regularly, we refuse to eat sweet foods, and we stick to our diet. However, foods that seem safe often end up being very unhealthy.

To help our readers, we have compiled a list of foods that we all eat that do more harm than good to our teeth.

Worst Foods For Your Teeth


The Top 7 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth

Blueberries do not affect the health of our teeth, but they paint them blue. Of course, if you don’t eat blueberries often, it won’t happen, but your true fans should be prepared to see their teeth turn yellow from the juice.


The Top 7 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth
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It’s simple: chips consist of fast carbohydrates that turn into glucose under the influence of saliva. This can lead to a trivial but dangerous cavity.

Another thing that chips leave behind is dental plaque, so don’t forget to rinse your mouth with water after lunch.

Chewing gum

Sugar-free gum may seem safe for your teeth. However, its greatest danger is not sugar, but its destructive influence on fillings, crowns, and dental bridges.

Also, when you chew gum, saliva production increases, leading to alkali production. Alkali corrodes dental fillings and enamel.


A cinema without popcorn? You should think about this because each package contains seeds that have not popped. They can damage dental crowns and weak teeth.

Also, this sweet is made up of fast carbohydrates that form harmful glucose.


The Top 7 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth
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Like citrus fruits, tomatoes are acidic. This is true not only for fresh tomatoes but also for different sauces and stews.

Acid is very damaging to teeth and increases tooth sensitivity. Try not to cook dishes that contain tomatoes too often.

Bread, Macaroni, And Potatoes

The Top 7 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth
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Foods that are high in starch stick to your teeth and stay in your mouth for a long time. The starch provokes the formation of a breeding ground for dental plaque.

Also, starch turns into sugar when it comes into contact with saliva. This can lead to cavities and other serious problems.


Dried apples and pears are too sweet, while dried apricots, sugar plums, and other “chewy” dried fruits are dangerous due to their sticky structure.

They literally stick sugar to your teeth. Sugar is known to be very damaging to teeth: it causes cavities and damages enamel.


The Top 7 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth
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Everyone knows that tea contains caffeine, which has a negative impact on the body, but not on the teeth. There is much less fluoride in tea than caffeine, but it is very bad for your teeth.

Fluoride is necessary for the human body, but in excess, it affects the health of bones and teeth. To be safe, drink no more than 4 cups a day and don’t drink cheap bagged tea.

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