Few would think that something as simple as taking a bath could be done incorrectly, but in fact, there are rules to keep skin healthy. We collected 5 typical mistakes we make when showering.

Common Showering and Bathing Mistakes

Washing For Too Long

Like hot water, a long bath is very drying to the skin, leading to rashes and itching. The ideal duration of a bath is about 10 minutes.

Frequent Use Of Foamy Gels And Body Washes

The more foam there is, the more surface-active substances there are in a shower gel. This means that its natural protective oil layer is depleted, causing dryness and roughness of the skin.

Also, if antibacterial washing agents aren’t specifically prescribed for you, you don’t need to use them on a daily basis.

Using Old And Wet Sponges

Wet sponges and loofahs are perfect for bacteria and fungus growth, so it’s best to change them once every 4 weeks. Try using a velvet glove or towel.

It is also important to dry the sponge after use.

Overly Enthusiastic Drying

Dry the body with a soft towel, leaving it slightly damp. Then use your favorite cream and your skin will remain smooth and healthy!

Overly Hot Water

Hot water makes the skin dry and flaky. It removes a large amount of oil from the skin, leaving it defenseless.

It also increases blood flow, which generally leads to erythema, inflammation, and a rash. 35-40 ° C is perfect for healthy skin.

Based on materials from beautyandtips.comHuffington Post