It turns out that bananas and avocados were unfairly excluded from the diet. A few berries a day can protect us from vision loss and it is not necessary to stop eating bread to get in shape.

There is a lot of talk about all the dangerous foods around us. Yesterday’s milk was the reason for a cold, the day before eggs killed us all. But the truth is, we will all be fine with a little help from a balanced diet.

We have put together a list of foods that will help you look good and make your body feel good.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread contains many vitamins B6 and B9, which help to strengthen the nervous system, maintain a balanced emotional state, and also boost the immune system.

It’s packed with many minerals, including magnesium, which is a champion for keeping our energy levels high. Proteins are responsible for building muscles and bones, and carbohydrates help our brain focus.

Tip: You can make a sandwich with whole wheat bread, tomatoes, and mozzarella for brunch.


Blueberries have a wide range of nutritional vitamins, which contribute to the health of the skin and also play a very important role in keeping us away from vision problems.

Tip: you can make a red fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries and yogurt.


The avocado is here to protect our hearts. Helps stabilize blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Tip: You can use an avocado in place of butter in your sandwich (make sure it’s in whole wheat bread).


A carrot a day also keeps the doctor away. Carrots help our immune system. It contains carotene: a substance that is transformed into vitamin A within our body. Vitamin A improves our resistance to infection.

Tip: If you grate a carrot and pour a little sunflower oil on it, it will speed up the process of digestion of vitamin A.


Bananas are often wrongly excluded from the list of healthy servings. But nothing can lower blood sugar levels better than bananas (well, maybe something can, but isn’t it a pleasure to eat a banana without feeling guilty?)

Bananas contain resistant starch that makes us feel full and reduces our appetite by slowing down the emptying of the stomach. And they also contain pectin, which helps flush toxins out of the body.

Tip: You can make an apple-banana smoothie for a vitamin load in the morning.


Nuts have a lot of fiber, which helps our skin to stay clear and luminous. Instead of being excreted through the skin, walnuts help breakouts, yeast, and fungus out of our body with the help of fiber.

Still, too many nuts can lead to weight gain, so take it easy.

Tip: You can replace your guilty pleasure snack with a small packet of walnuts.

What foods appear most often on your friends’ “do not eat” lists? What products do you find dangerous? Share them with us in the comments!