There are two types of women: those who care about their bust and those who care about their buttocks. Big butts are longed for and worked on in the gym, but getting it right is essential.

We want to help you on your way to a stunning body, and here are not-so-difficult exercises for every shape.

There are 4 main types of female buttocks: square, round, heart-shaped, and V-shaped. General practitioner and esthetician Dr. Jane Leonard explains how each is different and what it means to you.

Different Types Of Buttocks On Females

Square Shape

4 Types of Female Buttocks and Effective Exercises for Each of Them

If you have square buttocks, the fat is distributed around the upper part of the buttocks and the lower part is heavier. That is why it is necessary to strengthen the buttocks and consider a low-fat diet. This form can also mean that you are resistant to stress and have a stable immune system.

Leg raises:

Lie on your side, stretch in a straight line, and don’t roll your legs forward out of that line. Raise your thigh up to a vertical position and keep your toes flexed. Do 10 lifts with each leg.

Round Shape


Men often say that this type of figure attracts them more since the body has the “correct” proportions, but it is not entirely up to them to decide. In addition, women with this pelvic shape have an easier time giving birth.

With this shape, the fat is stored on the top of the gluteal muscles and not on the sides as in the square shape.

Sumo Squats:

Spread your legs and place your toes at a 45-degree angle. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees are out to the sides and that they don’t move past your toes (otherwise this position will put a lot of pressure on them).

Heart Shape


The heart shape is a characteristic of an hourglass-shaped body, it is also a highly desired shape. It is the widest at the bottom and tapers near the waist.

The bad news lies in the fact that the gluteal muscles in this form are very likely to start flowing as you age. Therefore, you have to solve them consistently.

Dumbbell Side Bend:

Stand up, place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, and hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell. Bend to the left and then to the right, lifting the opposite arm at each turn.



The hormone estrogen and its levels are partially responsible for this. Estrogen begins to decline after menopause and causes fat storage to shift to other parts of the body, especially the waistline.

As a result, your glutes may start to lose volume, but getting them back is not that difficult.

Deep Squats:

Stand in front of a large mirror so that you can do this exercise correctly. Stand in front of the mirror facing it with your side. Place your legs slightly less than hip-width apart.

Squat down as if trying to sit in a chair behind you. Keep your shins straight, your knees firm, and your back straight as well.

Russians have a saying: “a good person should be big.” The logic behind this is “the more of the person, the better they are!” We believe that a good person should be fit, healthy, and fully equipped with knowledge on how to improve their body if they want to. For more exercises and ideas, take a look at “How to Shape Your Butt Challenge.”

What shape are you in? And share how you managed to change that if you did!